Our Aim

“To offer support, complementary therapies and counselling services in a warm and welcoming environment to people with cancer and those who care for them.”

ARC Cancer Support Centres are a haven from the outside world, offering support to men, women and children affected by cancer and those who care for them. The support is holistic and complements medical treatment with counselling, psychological support, complementary treatments and care. Founded in 1994, ARC is a registered, independent Irish charity.

Who comes to ARC?

Any person diagnosed with cancer, no matter where they live or where they are being treated, is welcome at ARC:

  • Family members and friends of those diagnosed
  • Parents whose children have cancer
  • Members of the caring professions who work with people with cancer
  • Children whose parent (or other significant adult in their lives) has cancer

What happens when I come to ARC?

We know it can be difficult to knock on a door, but please don't worry. When you come to ARC, you will be greeted by a member of our staff or one of our trained volunteers who will chat with you over a cuppa about our services. It's entirely up to you to decide if ARC is for you. Come along and see for yourself.

"The reflexology was a great comfort and I really enjoyed the hours for myself in trying times."

Angela - ARC client

"I'm back at work, going running and taking a bit more time for myself. I am just getting on with life."

Gemma - ARC client

"Cancer touches everyone's life and volunteering with ARC creates a positive mindset from which many things are possible."

Edel O'Leary - Head of Marketing, Ulster Bank Ireland Ltd

"ARC supported me and my partner in my hour of need. I now just want to give something back."

Elizabeth - ARC volunteer

"To everyone at ARC - for being the essence of human kindness and compassion; for giving me a sense of sanity in a world that had fallen apart."

Mary - Counselling

"ARC is such a very special, beautiful place and a joy to enter every time. It is a privilege to be met by such wonderful and committed people...this dedication and support and love is not, or could ever be, taken for granted."

Geraldine - Relaxation and Visualisation