Fancy a Dip in the Nip in aid of ARC Cancer Support Centres?

Dare to bare? Then why not join in the ARC Dip in the Nip which is taking place in a secret Dublin location on Sunday 18th June! In aid of ARC Cancer Support Centres, based on the Northside and Southside of Dublin, this is the third year of the event which is open to women and men over the age of 18 years.

Speaking at the launch of the event, Mairead Mangan, Head of Fundraising, ARC Cancer Support Centres, said:
"Initially developed as a novel way to raise funds, the ARC Dip in the Nip has become so much more. In an age of perfectionism and photo-shopping, the ARC Dip in the Nip helps us see that there is so much more to life than how we look. It’s about recognising that every single body is beautiful—regardless of size, shape or form. The lumps and the bumps are all revealed, yet each participant has a new level of self-confidence and an experience that is never forgotten.

"The ARC Dip in the Nip reconnects Dippers with their bodies—it’s as though they fall in love with their bodies all over again. It gives people something joyous, life-affirming, personal and unique. It is a real equaliser and truly puts everything into perspective.

"Most Dippers have never skinny-dipped before, or so they tell us! They do it for a variety of reasons—helping ARC, a charity close to their heart, doing something that offers a challenge and pushes their own boundaries, or simply ticking something off their bucket list."

ARC Cancer Support Centres provide a range of professional support, counselling and complementary therapy services to men and women affected by cancer in a non-hospital environment. Whether someone has recently been diagnosed with cancer, is in recovery, or is a family member or friend of someone with cancer, ARC offers a warm and caring environment to nurture the individual, relieve their stress and anxiety, and encourage healing.

ARC has two Drop-in Centres—one in Dublin 7 opposite the Mater Hospital and close to Beaumont Hospital, and the other in Dublin 8, close to St James Hospital, and within easy reach of Tallaght Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital. Last year nearly 16,000 people availed of ARC's services from all over Ireland. All ARC services are provided free of charge. 

Please help spread the word by encouraging family, friends and work colleagues to sign up to the ARC Dip in the Nip. Further details about the event can be obtained from the fundraising team on 01 830 7333.


"The reflexology was a great comfort and I really enjoyed the hours for myself in trying times."

Angela - ARC client

"I'm back at work, going running and taking a bit more time for myself. I am just getting on with life."

Gemma - ARC client

"Cancer touches everyone's life and volunteering with ARC creates a positive mindset from which many things are possible."

Edel O'Leary - Head of Marketing, Ulster Bank Ireland Ltd

"ARC supported me and my partner in my hour of need. I now just want to give something back."

Elizabeth - ARC volunteer

"To everyone at ARC - for being the essence of human kindness and compassion; for giving me a sense of sanity in a world that had fallen apart."

Mary - Counselling

"ARC is such a very special, beautiful place and a joy to enter every time. It is a privilege to be met by such wonderful and committed people...this dedication and support and love is not, or could ever be, taken for granted."

Geraldine - Relaxation and Visualisation